Our production


The product portfolio of Regina Naturii LLC covers 10 types of natural honey and over 130
product variations. We pack up the honey in glass jars of various volumes, dispensers, portioned casseroles of 20g and sachets of 12g – very practical for daily use. The products are
available in supermarkets from the country and abroad.


M E L O N Y A Raw Honey ™ - a premium trademark created exclusively for the foreign market. It has been appreciated with numerous awards at the international competition in Great Britain – London Honey Awards right from the first year of launch.


Queenvill is a series of premium class honey harvested from Moldovan apiaries. It is dedicated to customers with a more classic taste, who appreciate the traditional flavor. Queenvill honey comes from the most ecologically clean regions of Moldova that meet the highest quality standards.


Our organic honey comes from the spontaneous flora, untouched fields and wild forests. The apiary territory is free of chemical processing zone, roads, houses; thus, our product is certified and proudly carries the name of organic honey, extracted following the traditions of our ancestors. No plastic, no sugar added, just the nectar of rare flowers.