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Sustainably Sourced

At Regina Naturii very core is the belief in the preservation of natural habitats and building an environmentally responsible business.

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Structura companiei noastre include următoarele mărci de miere: Regina Naturiib, Yummec, Melonyad, Queenvill

100% Raw Honey

Our honey is pure and simple, from hive to home, just as nature intended. 100% honey collected by our network of beekeepers.

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Our Brands

Regina Naturii

The product portfolio of Regina Naturii LLC covers 10 types of natural honey and over 130
product variations.


M E L O N Y A Raw Honey ™ – a premium trademark created exclusively for the foreign market.


Our organic honey comes from the spontaneous flora, untouched fields and wild forests

Guardians of Honey Since 2014

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Customers Say

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“Thank you for introducing me to your bee pollen and honey, I used to have severed allergies and ever since I started using your product my allergies are all gone. thank you.”
Sam Kumar
Verified Buyer

The best got better!

“Very good products and very gentle people fully appreciate your efforts for giving healthy products.”
Sonia M.
Verified Buyer


“I received my honey today, the Buckwheat Honey is Awesome!!! Never tasted anything that good!!”
Susan P.
Verified Buyer

My favourite Shop

“Received the order. This stuff is great. I have been telling everyone how it has effected my sugar should be getting lots of visits. Thanks again!”
Linda Alessandroni
Verified Buyer

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    The Benefits of Honey Products

    The benefits of raw honey include the nutrients and antioxidants it contains. Honey is also better for your blood sugar and your heart, and it may promote healing. Honey is a syrupy liquid that honeybees make from plant nectar.

    Contains a variety of nutrients

    Improve health and immune support

    Better for blood sugar levels

    Promotes burn and wound healing

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