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Bees are indispensable for the flowers and fruits from the garden. The importance of the bees for the plants and crops survival is surprisingly unknown to many people. Many plants, flowers and fruit trees would be condemned to perish if bees did not exist. Flowers need pollination to produce seeds and fruits. Fruit trees growers adopt beehives to improve the chances of pollination. Along with other factors as weather conditions, beehives increase chances to a good harvest. Going down the inside of the flower to look for the nectar, the pollen sticks to the bee’s hairy body. On the next flower the bee will store on the pestle a part of the pollen gathered earlier (the feminine part of the flower). Pollen grains (masculine cells) are formed in flower’s stamina. The egg-cell which is situated at the basis of the pestle is called ovary. The sticky pestle comes out of the ovary and receives the pollen grains during the bee’s visit. Masculine cells fuse with feminine cells in the ovary. The flower was fecundated and the job was done. The petals begin to fall and afterwards the fruit with the seeds is formed. Thus, farmers are content and have a bigger harvest.