Regina Naturii – the taste which you can’t forget!

For centuries Nature offers the best of itself: love, silence, energy, aromas, taste, peace – everything a man can desire. The queen Nature has always worked for the manhood to be able to live life in the most beautiful way: to breathe, to fall in love, to create successors. The queen Nature buzzes to our ears, gathers dust from the flowers that we give to our beloved people and honeys us, perfumes

our soul and mind with aromas, takes care of our health and feeds our history with the most beautiful memories: the tea with honey drunk at sunrise, at 7:15  in the morning along with our parents, spouses, children, cookies which smell like honeycomb cooked by our grandparents and that small bee which comes carefully, sits on the honey jar and looks like it is happy that you taste from its outgrowth.

In order to preserve these memories and transform them into eternity, to be able to live

them over and over again, the products of “Regina Naturii” come on our tables.

Gathered carefully from the flowers pollen, hermetically packed to preserve its exceptional

quality, the honey “Regina Naturii” warily transported by hard-working bees, gets on the

shops shelves, in the kitchens of the select restaurants and in everybody’s house.