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About us

Moldova: Where Tradition and Modernity Meet

Moldova is a small European country located between Romania and Ukraine. Moldova is an agricultural country, with fertile soil, rolling hills, and very little industrialization or urbanization. Honeybees are native to Moldova. Over time, bees, landscape, and beekeepers have developed a beneficial relationship, ensuring the production of artisanal honey of the highest quality, protection of bees, and the sustainability of the natural landscape. Beekeeping is practiced on a village scale in Moldova, with the average beekeeper owning 100 hives. Small-scale beekeepers are able to closely monitor honey production to separate unique floral varieties of honey, to maintain the health of bee colonies, and to harvest honey when it is of the highest quality. Acacia honey from Moldova sets the standard for quality, with a water-white color and delicate aroma. Linden honey produced in Moldova transmits the essence of the linden flower, with a golden color. Moldovan polyfloral honey is a powerhouse of flavors and colors, and the color of amber indicates the health benefits of this mixture of wildflower nectar.

About us.

“Regina Naturii” was born from a love of nature. What originally started a hobby has become one of the largest honey producers in Moldova. “Regina Naturii” means “Queen of Nature” in Romanian, and we distill the best of nature’s bounty in each drop of honey we sell. We accomplish this mission only by using traditional natural methods, guaranteeing excellence in our products. Therefore, our honey not tastes exquisite, it meets the highest international quality standards. 

As global demand for honey continues to increase, Regina Naturii is working to satisfy consumers’ taste for superior honey and desire for sustainably produced, organic, and socially responsible products. All honey exported by Regina Naturii is produced in Moldova—with no adulteration or additives. Each jar of Regina Naturii honey reflects the marriage of tradition and modern practices, of village beekeeping and state-of-the-art processing, of Moldova’s distinctive terroir and careful human stewardship. We hope you’ll enjoy every drop.

Best regards,

Regina Naturii SRL